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Superior service | Effective solutions | Innovative strategies


C3D Solutions offers a unique
blend of creative talent and
technical know-how that leads
to innovative strategies, solutions, and superior service for our
clients through a collaborative contractual relationship. 


We can assist with some of a
project or the entire job, start to
finish. Our services range from
simple model creation to designing
entire mechanical assemblies consisting of several
thousand parts.


C3D has earned 34 patents in
various industries and received
an Innovation Award from John Deere. From sporting goods
to medical products C3D Solutions' portfolio is lengthy
and diverse.

Year after year C3D Solutions continues
to earn patents and
a variety of awards.

“Paul is the best designer and project manager that I know. Period. He adapts to new challenges with ease, and becomes an expert at the subject material in a minimal amount of time. Perhaps his most admirable trait is the fact that he can sift through the unrealistic expectations of management decree (with a smile if not a chuckle), set up a team, cut to the chase, and deliver. Time and time again. Paul is a superstar, a family man, and is absolutely trustworthy. I'd recommend him without hesitation for any design project, and look forward to working with him again soon. Good job Paul.”

—  John Mouser, Program Manager, Delta Mold, Inc.


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10041 Daufuskie Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28278

1-800-921-0124 ext. 1

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